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Passionate about the environment and engaging with some of the world’s most challenging issues, Sophie has been working on raising awareness about plastic waste and the effect it is having on the earth’s ocean for over four years. Having started her career in dance production, she creates engaging projects and initiatives, which enthuse a reinvention of established practice utilising art and exploring how businesses can enable change for a more sustainable future. She is the co-founder of See Change, a consultancy to implement solutions and educational resources for increased sustainability.

Having worked with corporates and implemented CSR strategies, she is the resident producer for Boxspring Entertainment’s Green Channel, a method of introducing short form sustainability content to the global professional workplace. This content is viewed alongside real initiatives to improve sustainability practice in offices, so employees can learn from the documentaries and podcasts they saw and heard and then be involved and make changes. Sophie worked with the head of philanthropy for Habitat for Humanity to craft fundraising projects and create ways of engaging new donors with media content across multiple platforms. She created multimedia, interactive live events for the Georgian Group at their headquarters and the British Library.

Sophie enjoys utilising her experience and expertise to engage as many people as possible in real life and on multi platforms for the Water Smart Foundation, and truly make an impact for the blue planet and the future of water.