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Teaming up with water technology company WET Global, the Water Smart Foundation is bringing a convenient way of drinking pure, mineralised water to the home without the need for plastic bottles.

The reduction of Plastic bottles across sectors is core to the work of the WSF. Plastic bottles are finding their way into the human food chain to the most pristine, remote parts of the planet. One million plastic bottles are sold every minute and the number of bottles sold yearly will increase to 583.3 billion this year. The exponential consumption of plastic is creating an environmental crisis that will be as serious as climate change. The Pure Ionic Water™ System eliminates the need for plastic bottles, leading to a fundamental reduction in plastic waste, water waste, and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Water Smart Foundation is focused on solutions, and the Pure Ionic Water™ system provides a way for you to drink the best water every day without the plastic waste. The subscription costs less than £1 a day with 20% of proceeds supporting the work of the WSF.

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