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Plastic Challenges

The Big Billion Bottle Battle.

We’re going big. We want to eliminate a billion plastic bottles to encourage those around them to reduce their plastic bottled water consumption. 
The Tongue Twister 
  • Challenge yourself to say The Big Billion Bottle Battle five times fast
  • Film it, and post on instagram/ Facebook with the following caption:

‘Im taking the #BigBillionBottleBattle to reduce single use plastic waste and support the @watersmartfoundationwsf’

  • Tag a friend who you would like to see taking the challenge and reducing their plastic bottle consumption.
  • Order a Pure Ionic Water system 
We are partnered with WET Global to provide Pure Ionic Water at home systems which could eliminate between 5,000 and 10,000 500ml plastic bottles for a family of four in a year. 
Order yours here  20% of proceeds benefit the Water Smart Foundation.