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The Water Smart Foundation focuses on key sectors for maximum impact to rethink and rework the way we distribute water and advise on how to do business more sustainably.  WSF collaborates with institutions, organisations and individuals to implement solutions and systems change to reduce pollution and become more water smart.

The Objects of the Charity are for the public benefit
To promote for the benefit of the public in all parts of the world the “SMART” use of water as a sustainable life-giving resource for:

1. The advancement of public health;

2. The advancement of environmental protection and improvement by the reduction of global pollution caused by current methods of production, storage and distribution of water, and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing by:

  • reduction of the use of plastic bottles which cause environmental pollution in landfill sites and the world’s oceans;
  • reduction of the carbon footprint caused by the unnecessary transportation of water in plastic bottles.

3. The advancement of education in:

  • techniques to maximise the sustainability of existing supplies, and development of new supplies of water;
  • the provision, storage, distribution and use of clean water.

4. The advancement of science by research into, and development of:

  • new technologies for the production, storage, installation and maintenance of equipment for supply, and distribution of clean water;
  • management techniques to improve the storage, distribution and use of clean water.

The Water Smart Foundation is teaming up with the Chelsea Football Club Foundation with an impactful initiative to install point of use facilities replacing sales of plastic bottled water.


The Water Smart Foundation facilitates an alternative solution to the single use bottles in the hospitality industry which are polluting the earth and oceans, globally.


It all starts at home. We advise on ways to green your home and cut down on the huge amounts of plastic in day to day life which is polluting the earth’s oceans.


The Water Smart Foundation can assist you with a plastic audit and how you can make impactful choices within your company to make a genuine positive impact on your companies’ output, pollution and carbon emissions.

We support businesses to –

Use water responsibly, to safeguard the future of fresh supplies

Minimise single-use plastic, to reduce pollution and safeguard health

Manage industry-specific waste, to protect the environment

Switch to low-carbon energy, to combat global warming


For Corporations > Our consulting services

Understand demands of employees, customers and investors

Set out the risks and opportunities for your business

Secure widespread commitment to the best ideas

Enable your senior team to champion sustainable business

Support teams to make real changes in day-to-day practice

Develop a powerful communications strategy